A Life Fully Lived
Two Lives - One Lifetime....

My name is Donna Rose.  Welcome to my little “home” on the internet.  I have lived a very interesting life.  Or, perhaps more appropriately, I have had the unique opportunity to fit two very unique lives into a single lifetime. 

I first published this website in 2002.  It seems like a lifetime ago, and in some ways it was.  My website was my effort to pay it forward in the only way I knew.  That is, I remember how important and empowering it was to find thought-provoking and interesting websites in the early days of my own unique mid-life “rebirth” and I wanted to say thank you in a substantive way.  

Over the years the website grew as I grew and matured as I matured along my life journey.  And although much has changed over the years - in me, in this website, and in the world in general - the fundamental reason that it exists has remained constant.  In a word - Education.  It is a channel for sharing thoughts and experiences along a path less taken.  It is affirmation of universally human experiences like hope, self-discovery, inner peace, authenticity, courage, dignity, and community.  Anyone who is here for any other reason can keep on surfing.

That said - come on in and look around.  There’s lots here, and I hope you find your visit to be an interesting one...

Current Events:

9/4/10:  Renovations in Progress.  This website is almost 10 years old and I’m in the process of remodeling it with hopes that the new version is just as cozy as the original.  I’m trying to incorporate some combination of the original flavor and design with current tools, current mindset, and updated technologies.

I’ll be updating it on a regular basis in upcoming weeks as I convert more of the content and re-design for ease-of-use so please excuse the mess while we’re under construction.


This website is dedicated to education, not pornography.  It's main theme is one of dignity, not degradation.  If you're here for any other reason, please keep on surfing.

For those who are still here:

You may not agree with what I say here....which is fine. You may have a different perspective, or vastly different experiences than those I share here. That is fine, too. I am not here to say everything I did was right, or is some sort of universal truth (I challenge anyone to be able to make such a claim). All I ask is that you please leave your preconceptions and prejudices at the door, and be open to looking at things in a new and different way.


All images and words at donnarose.com are the property of Donna Rose, and may not be copied or used without written permission.. 

* * * * * *

A Rose....
      By Any Other Name
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